Beth Revis Gives Me a Kick in the Pants, YA Literature Style

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I've been feeling guilty. While I've been keeping up with all my professional reading, I've been horribly neglecting my YA literature as anyone who follows me on Goodreads can attest. I've got a separate Goodreads account for my all my racier romance and mystery books, but naturally I want to keep it professional since kids like to follow teachers on that social reading network.

Well, I've read 529 mystery and romance books, and while some of them are totally appropriate for my teenagers (and I've recommended them and gotten them for the library where they've been devoured), clearly I've not been doing a good job of dividing my attention appropriately. Thankfully, award-winning author Beth Revis, author of the YA science fiction Across the Universe trilogy, is reminding me of all the great books out there that I have yet to read.

She's offering a dazzling selection of autographed YA books as a prize (which I would love to give as prizes to my kids if I win) that highlight some of the most outstanding quality literature to be published in the last year or two. Thankfully, I've read several, but it's a good reminder of all the well-reviewed books out there I need to read.

So thanks, Beth, for offering such a treasure trove to one of your readers, but more importantly, for getting me back on the ball where I belong!

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