Lifestreaming - The Aggregator for a 2.0 Lifestyle

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I was a little skeptical when I read about lifestreaming, a technique that uses sites like to aggregate a person's 2.0 life and bring everything together in one location. At first I was skeptical - yet another technology to risk a weird stalker in my life? - but I quickly realized that this could actually be fabulous. I'm always looking for ways of picking out professional patterns on the web and this definitely fits the bill. I often remember my bookmarks or something I've read by the day I viewed it. This can be a problem for me rapidly retrieving something as I sit at my desk saying, "Okay, I saw that on the day that we had chapel, which was Thursday, no Friday, because I read it without interruption during the break. So...that was the 14th? No. The 15th. Which was three days ago...." and so on. I think scroll through my delicious bookmarks to approximately find the grouping of bookmarks related to that day and find (hopefully) what I'm looking for. Or not.

But with my account on storytlr, all my bookmarks and Google Reader shares and Flicker pictures or favorite YouTube videos automatically are organized on my lifestream (by day thank you very much) and I could add a Twitter account or Facebook activity or a bunch of other 2.0 sites to push to the site. I can find all my posts and notes (much more easily that in the individual applications) and it's easy to suggest to kids or colleagues that they take a look. If the reader is truly a twin separated at birth, they can actually subscribe to all my posts via a reader (although other technology-loving librarians who love knitting and sustainable agriculture and teenage psychology might be a rarity). I'm pretty happy with storytlr and hope you like it too should you choose to try it out!