Yet Another New Year's Resolutions Post...

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I think my problem with this blog is that I've been relying on it as largely a book review blog (not that there's anything wrong with that) but I do go through stretches that I 1) don't have time to read many books because I'm wading through my stacks of professional journals, 2) am busy with programming or projects in the library, or 3) really don't like any of the books I'm forcing myself to read. 

Since I hold pretty strong opinions, I think it would be mean to write negative reviews (and when I'm cranky about something, my fingers become little vipers dancing across the keys), so I usually hold out for books I actually like.  This can delay posting, particularly if I want to pack my entry with tons of links to author blogs and other info.

 So my New Year's Resolution is that I'm going to enforce my 80 page rule and put aside any book that hasn't grabbed me by then and move on to the next (and maybe I'll do a brief post about the books that aren't grabbing me and explain politely why).  And I am also going to participate in the YA Reads Book Review 2011 challenge, Level 3, which means I'm going to read 12 books in 2011 (I'll read a lot more, but I'll blog about at least 12, beyond my favorite authors).

I'm also going to take more pictures of my programming and write regular posts about what I'm doing with links to the Google Docs I'm using and informative how-to explanations that might be helpful to a beginning librarian.  I'll also write the occasional (brief) response to buzzy topics on the web surrounding libraries, since I so dutifully put those in my Evernote account under my "Blog This!" list.  Lastly, I plan on having a regular post about some of the professional work I do with YALSA or other organizations to hopefully encourage and inform other librarians interested in making a mark with their local or national professional organizations.

I think this sounds pretty reasonable!  Let me know if you have another topic you'd like to read about. :-)


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