VAASL 2015 - Is My High School Senior Ready to Be Your College Freshmen?

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VAASL 2015 - Is My High School Senior Ready to Be Your College Freshman? from SassyLibrarian

Busy at my new school, doing a renovation while acclimating to a new job wasn't quite enough for me - I had to also decide to do a research project about tools and techniques that, in addition to a quality information literacy program, would help students during their transition to college level research that first year. This is the preliminary data that I presented on November 20, 2015 at the Virginia Association of School Librarians in Williamsburg. I'm going to write a longer blog post, breaking down each slide that covers the elements of my talk in this upcoming week, as well as offer up the final data when the collection is complete (I've still got a few schools to solicit for participation).

I'm hoping I could have an ALA proposal accepted for annual this year in Orlando since the obvious next step is to see how the data prompts faculty discussion and curricular change, which I imagine would be far more interested to school librarians. Stay tuned for more, and please feel free to reach out with any questions!