Or about roosters and climate change this time..

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Of course, the last title made no sense because I got derailed thinking about the crazy chair finisher and my cats. The rooster allusion was to reference my usual envy locus, Kristin Nicholas, artist and knitwear designer, extraordinaire who recently lost her rooster, Russell Crowe. First of all, awesome name (she had a contest among her blog readers who are clever bunch) and second of all, any loss is unfortunate and it sounds like this rooster had a lot of personality. People always think farm animals aren't subject to attachment, but it's really not true. Any animal you responsibly care for takes root in your heart in some fashion and their absence leaves a hole, even if you understand why it happened. My condolences, Kristin.

The climate change issue refers to my being totally blown away by Al Gore's recent speech about an action plan for implementing alternative energy sources to replace 100 percent of our electricy use for the whole United States in 10 years. And it can be done! Having read about (devoured really) anything having to do with solar and wind energy for the last 15 years, I am amazed but unsurprised that the oil, coal and nuclear industries have managed such an effective campaign of "Oh, it's a great idea but we aren't there technologically..." Um, yeah, we are, and have been for a while, folks, and do you have any idea how many wind turbines and solar panels could be installed on people's land or in large scale farms with the amount of money we've given to these industries in corporate subsidies? I believe the technical term is the "proverbial crapload".

I guess Al can do this now that he's not running for office any more (no lobby money necessary from oil, thank you) so it doesn't make it awkward. Does he remind anyone of Jimmy Carter (another all time favorite for me)? Kind of a "yeah, he's nice and everything but only okay in office" and then he explodes on the scene with all this pent up energy about being robbed of the presidency and rips off his suit to show his superhero underoos with the "E" for environment on his chest? I heart him. God does work in mysterious ways, doesn't she?