About Roosters and Climate Change...

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It's been a while since I've posted and I promised Ethan I'd keep up. My mind has been dwelling on so much, let me see if I can share a little of it.

First and foremost the library is practically done. We've got J.P. Lilly coming on August 4 and 5th to install the technology in the new Smart Classroom, but other than that things have gone pretty smoothly and the library looks great. LOTS of good buzz from the few people that have trooped through. Ivy and I think it's funny that everyone says, "Oh, it's so big now!" like we've added space. It just shows what good interior finishes and getting rid of clunky furniture can do!

There is, however, a startling lack of chairs, yes? Ah, there's a reason for that. Our furniture company sadly made an error regarding the finish of the chairs with "Glacier" not in the least resembling the sample that we chose. The result is that we have 89 very, very white chairs that don't match our maple furnishings. The company says they've reordered the chairs in the proper finish, and will deliver the new chairs to us in a few weeks, so all will be well by the beginning of August, but I had a minor heart attack when I saw them. I'm confused how the error occurred. I mean, is there some guy with a spray gun in a factory, who exclaims, "Oh! You meant G-L-A-C-I-E-R, I didn't realize. I'll stop horsing around with this thing (snort)."

If you felt the earth tremble the other day, it was due to the fact that, miraculously, all my cat babies were within touching distance of each other WITHOUT turkey in front of them.
You may not think it's a big deal, but I've never had a shot with more than two of them at a time. They were waiting to be fed, of course, but still I was impressed to get the shot. To identify, black and fluffy is Elvis (age 15), black and smooth is Nigel Tuffnel (age 1), orange and crazy is Butters (age 3), and the little six pound saucy girl in the back is Tabitha (age 15).