We are in Pittsburgh!!!!!

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Well, Kitty and I arrived safely in Pittsburgh last night. The plane ride (and it was a PLANE with propellers and everything) was quick, if noisy, but the real adventure came when we got in the shuttle to go to our hotel. Our driver was, oh how shall I put it, a MANIAC. He didn't signal, drove 80 miles an hour everywhere, and began referring to his days in "combat" (he appeared to be of an age that he could have been in "Nam") so I thought he might be having a flashback involving post-traumatic stress disorder. Kitty almost crossed herself at one point, and she's not even Catholic!

We settled into our hotel (a nice room but the bathroom could be better - we need more countertop space - jeez, we're two women here!) and were so tired that after we called home, we got room service. The food was really good and we changed into our pajamas and watched Nanny 911 and Sex in the City. We hissed every time ESPN went by!! Yeah, girls night out!! Kitty invented a librarian "gang sign" and we practiced "throwing" it at each other so we could signal to each other when we thought another librarian was going to go by.

We slept a little late, called the school to figure out a snafu with the school credit card (which was the hotel's fault), and went down to the chi-chi Terrace Room restaurant for a nice breakfast. How elegant. We then walked leisurely down to the Convention Center (which is an easy two city blocks away) and admired all the great cityscapes. Pittsburgh is a BEAUTIFUL city!! I'm so impressed by all the historic buildings intermingled with the clean, steel skyscrapers. We're taking LOTS of pictures for everyone to see. Soon, the Exploratorium will start opening up and we'll get to see the presentations from other librarians about some best practices that have worked for them, so we're excited! Talk to you soon!