This is JEOPARDY!!!

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Very productive today. I went to two great sessions, the first one was about marketing your libraries to your users needs (great ideas for the Library Advisory Board to get in on) and another on action research and how to do good assessments that offer good data that can drive your program. The sessions were packed and as I was rushing from session to session, I saw her. Snarky little librarian. I gave her a look of death with a lot of confident body language. She visibly startled and looked quickly away. She fears me. Life is good.

Lots of walking around in my high-heeled boots (I'm beginning to get blisters), but I visited dozens of vendors and we got lots of free stuff - pens, totebags, little gizmos, etc. (I have a really great pen for Elizabeth B. with bubble stuff in it! She can blow bubbles out the window!!) After another lunch at the Fish Market (Kitty had sushi), we went back to the exhibit hall to do some reconnaisance. Kitty hustled off to her next session, but I had signed up to play Classroom Jeopardy at the Brodart booth at 2pm, so I went in line and dropped off our stuff at the Sack Sitters shipping people (who babysit your stuff for you until you're ready to ship it.)

Well, I went back at two and sat through the sales spiel for the Jeopardy game (which we are so getting - it's awesome) and four other contestants and I played the game. It was neck and neck between me and this nice blond woman, with her finally pulling ahead by a few thousand dollars. But wouldn't you know, her strategy was off for Final Jeopardy and I ended up winning because I bet the farm!! As Jackie would say, Hoo-HA!! I got a free rolling tote which saved me from needing a chiropractor from my heavy free booty from the vendors, but I had to come back at 4pm for the Tournament of Champions to see which of us would win the free Classroom Jeopardy game. I showed up and, hey, I'm a team player, so I was woo-hooing the other players when they got the right answers and everyone was having fun except the guy standing next to me (player #2) who was this massive fellow with dead eyes who was SUPER SERIOUS about the game. He was smashing the button of his buzzer and really belting out the answer (regrettably always in the form of a question) but I stayed only a few thousand behind him up until Final Jeopardy. He flubbed the final question and things looked good for me but he bet wisely and won by a paltry $300. Oh well. He clearly has issues he's wrestling with and all my angst is channeled towards snarky librarian.

We were so tired that we went back the room and I took a cat nap before we went down to dinner. Kitty and I figured we would crash early when I was flipping around on the remote and I found it. Save the Last Dance was on. I have a thing for STLD. It largely centers around the wooden performance of Julia Stiles and the ridiculous lines she has. ("WhatEVER, Nikki.") Kitty is of the Lorelei Gilmore approach to these movies, so we stayed up until midnight watching it, commenting on Julia's ever changing hair styles, her performance, and the really bad body doubles for the dancing. We shut off the lights finally and giggled about it till we fell asleep.