More Details about Vampire Academy Spin-off series, Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

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Sigh.  I love Richelle Mead.  I don't think she can write a bad book and her ability to maintain strength of plotline and character across a series is better than any writer I've seen.  (Go, Richelle!)  Needless to say, I wept salty tears when the Vampire Academy series ended because I had grown so attached to Rose and Dimitri.

Some salve to the wound was Mead's announcement that she was planning a spin-off series called Bloodlines (she had to throw all those Adrian fans something) with Sydney, the reluctant Alchemist, as the narrator.  With Last Sacrifice having so effectively set up the political upheaval of the Moroi world (while neatly wrapping up Rose and Dimitri's storyline), you can see her skill as a writer coming into play.

So Sydney will be joined by Jill (aka Jailbait) in the human world (for reasons I will not give you in case you haven't read Last Sacrifice yet). Take a look at what our author has to say:

Exciting, yes? Please note the Bloodlines countdown widget installed in the upper right hand corner of this blog (until the book's release in August 2011) - you can download it for free and put it on your blog or Facebook account to wave your spin-off flag and alert your friends to what they will be doing on August 23rd!


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No more vampires, please! Dracula was probably the last viable thing with such a theme.