A Libba Bray Worship Moment

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Libba Bray by David Shankbone, New York City
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Folks, if you don't already know of my writer-crush on Libba Bray (yes, I am, as far as I know it, inventing this term of "writer-crush": (n) when you are insanely in love with the writing of a given author and obsessed with making other people see their genius), you will after this post.  I was pretty smug when Going Bovine won the Printz award because I had been yakking about it for months as I boasted in this blog, so you can imagine how much I was looking forward to watching her speech.  Sadly, I couldn't stay at ALA Annual 2010 for the Printz Award dinner, but I knew my trusty and technologically savvy YALSA wouldn't let me down (hello, AASL?  Why don't we see video of the NSLMPY winners?  Hint, hint).

Going BovineSo I was ready with the popcorn when I saw that YALSA had posted the link to the blip.tv video of her accepting her award.  Be warned: it is long and it is funny and poignant, a lot like reading Going Bovine, so if you're a crier like me (acid test, do you do a lot sniffing at the new iPhone 4 commercials?) you will need tissues.  Also of note, but not quite as spectacular as hearing Libba, is the excellent School Library Journal article on her, published in the latest issue.  Enjoy!