Library Meets Industrial Loft – the Seattle Public Library

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I took a nice shower in the morning with lots and lots of hot water and fresh towels. The hair dryer the hotel supplied, while small, was extremely powerful and would have blown Mary Poppins successfully to her next nanny gig. I decided to forgo breakfast (I really wasn’t hungry) and go next door to the Seattle Public Library. I had fresh batteries and wanted to get some good pictures of this groundbreaking architectural marvel. It’s certainly innovative, but I have to say that I’m glad I don’t have to work there. They’re treasure is their staff – I was met by friendly, welcoming and helpful library workers at every turn. I liked the use of bright, saturated color and it was used well as a juxtaposition to the grey concrete and glass, but the overall effect is still rather cold. I thought it seemed especially strange in the children’s room with asymmetrical concrete beams overhead and grey steel shelving overwhelming the bright patches of color and modern furniture (which I liked). The meeting room level was especially strange – just a bright red mouth that swallows you – and I have to say it was rather anxiety causing. I was getting Amityville Horror flashbacks. But there were lots of little ideas that were great to take away – like the reading room with the glass ceiling overhead on the top shelf. You could actually see my room at the W Hotel from there!

After giving in to my inner shutterbug, I was ready to hoof it to the exhibit hall and collect some swag. I spent about 2 and half hours there (with a 20 minute break for lunch at the Moby Restaurant in the Convention Center – yummy burger) and did lots of walking (gratefully on a level surface). Intelligently, I used the coat check and avoided the schvitz technique while collecting booty from the various vendors who were getting ready to go home and only too happy to let me take 5 pens off their hands. I stopped at the TLC booth and spoke to our representative John Mihalick and managed to let everyone know how totally cool Aquabrowser is on top of your OPAC. I know I can’t wait to get it implemented! I only managed to fill up another box, but having gotten a few more t-shirts at Unshelved, I know it will be well-received.

I went back to the hotel, got some Chai and pumpkin bread at the Starbucks across the street (they really take this Starbucks thing seriously in this town). I stopped down at the third floor to take a look at the Great Graphic Novels for Teens meeting – which turned out to be a cheerful committee (with spectators) getting ready for a dinner break but I picked up a helpful list that we can use for collection development.

After ordering The Prairie Home Companion movie (interesting and entertaining – I hope little Lindsay Lohan stays off the party track and really devotes herself to her craft, as she was holding her own against Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin – put down the Jack Daniels, Lindsay, honey!) and having a nosh, I decided to work on my blog and check my flight information (everything on time, pooh, pooh, pooh). I’m going to work on packing up and getting everything ready for leaving tomorrow.

With any luck, I’ll get a good night’s sleep and be ready to go tomorrow morning!