Great Visit to Blair Academy

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I had a wonderful "best practices" visit out to Blair Academy's library, the Timken Library, where Elayne Reiner generously gave me two whole hours to discuss her library space and talk about her program there. The library is beautiful (of course, like all libraries it has its pros and cons) and had the fun "love in the stacks" conversation that all boarding school librarians have about kids who find the unlikeliest places to smooch and display affection. I know I learned a lot from some of her great ideas and she is going to let me bring my Decoration Committee (a subset of my Library Advisory Board) out there in the fall to take digital pictures and to interview the library staff about what they like and don't like about their space. Since Elayne gets into some serious holiday decorating before Halloween and Christmas, we're going to try and time it to get a peek at her interior design skills. After meeting her and seeing her energy up close, I'm thinking she's very HGTV.

Of course, this trip was very exciting for me since it was the first time I got try out my iPod shuffle in the car (I got gotten a non-Apple FM transmitter from Best Buy which worked great, only a few switches needed to maintain the signal) with my custom playlist. How awesome to have every song be a favorite (although I felt a little guilty for not listening to an audiobook of something recent)!

So, a great trip all-round, and I look forward to more of them. Stay tuned for further customization of my blog as I work on the exercises for my super online class! I'm psyched to see how I can develop this further!